Zaria Amerson:

Zaria Amerson finds the perfect academic pathway for her interests at LCCC

For Zaria Amerson, Lorain County Community College was the perfect fit. The college was close to home, affordable, and the right size.  

“I have autism and a small college was better for me,” says the 2020 Elyria High School graduate. 

On that small campus, Amerson found the support system that gave her the resources and tools she needed to succeed. Amerson is part of LCCC’s Students Accelerating In Learning (SAIL) program, which helps students with both academic and financial obstacles that might hinder their degree or certificate completion.  

“The SAIL program was awesome and very helpful,” she says. “I have had some really good instructors who were understanding of my autism.” 

Amerson also worked with LCCC’s Accessibility Services, which partners with the campus community to create equitable access to eligible students, while promoting disability as one aspect of diversity. 

Together, these student-focused services helped Amerson succeed in the academic program that built upon her interest in anime drawing. She’s earning a One-Year Technical Certificate in Digital Arts – Computer Animation. She hopes to put her new skills to work as an anime artist, and one day own her own business. 

“Anime drawing is what I love,” she says. 

Within the program, Amerson says she found an instructor she’ll never forget—Gregory Little. He happened to give the LCCC tour Amerson took during her junior year of high school, and from then on, has been supporting her academic and personal growth.  

“He has helped me along the way ever since that tour,” she says. “He has been patient, understanding, and compassionate. I will always remember him.” 

Zaria is very responsible, diligent, and talented young woman who is dedicated to her creative process," Little says. "She has learned to be flexible and to accept influence.

“The SAIL program was awesome and very helpful.” 

Zaria Amerson, 2023 LCCC graduate