Featuring 30-foot-long banners illuminated in the evening, the visual impact of the installation can be seen as visitors approach campus, demonstrating the broad impact Lorain County Community College has on its graduates and the community. The theme of “ unlocking opportunities” was chosen because of the proven data that supports the real-world benefits of a higher education degree or credential in improving economic mobility.

Throughout the installation are 12 icons representing key words suggested by graduates that resonate with their experience at Lorain County Community College. Featured on graphically designed poles, each icon contains an augmented reality component that can be unlocked by visitors with their cell phones.


Dedicated Lorain County Community College’s graduating class of 2023, this installation represents the opportunities unlocked for your future by your education. Your hard work, dedication, and willingness to learn drove you to earn your degree or certificate and will be the key to your future success. You have the skills and knowledge to achieve great things. Keep pushing forward, stay determined, and remember that the world is full of endless possibilities, and you are fully prepared to unlock them.