Daisy Kennedy:
Business, Entrepreneurship
& Culinary Arts

After graduating from Christian Community School in 2021, Daisy Kennedy knew exactly where she was headed and what she wanted to do. Now, the Grafton resident is earning an Associate in Applied Business in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Culinary Arts major.  

“I choose LCCC because it has the best and most affordable culinary program,” Kennedy, 20, said.  

For Kennedy, culinary has always been her calling. Growing up, she struggled in the classroom due to ADHD. But in cooking she found confidence. 

“I have always found peace in cooking,” she said. “Cooking and being in the kitchen was always something that came easy for me, so it was an easy choice.” 

Even though the decision was simple, the road to graduation was anything but. Kennedy worked hard to manage her ADHD and leaned on the expertise and compassion of her instructors to help her through.

“The professors were always there to help when I had questions and confusions about assignments. They are who I thank for where I am today,” she said. “If they hadn’t given me the opportunities and patience they did, I might’ve quit after my first week.”

One of the greatest opportunities came through LCCC instructor, Chef Bradley Ball. He helped Kennedy land a job as a line cook at Chatty’s Tavern in Grafton. Not only did the added income help Kennedy pay for college, the industry experience has given her a chance to apply her skills and meet new people, including another mentor.

“I also have to thank my kitchen manager at work, Amanda Campbell,” Kennedy said. “She has been one of my biggest culinary supporters.”

With a newfound network and the training she needs, Kennedy feels ready to move into the next phase of her life.

 “LCCC has taught me all of the skills I need to be ahead in my career,” she said. “I’d like to build my way up in the culinary world, and become a great chef to the point where people in Ohio know my name.”