To those
who challenge
themselves to build

The LCCC construction program helped Adam Murawski, a first-generation college graduate, land a management job months before completing his studies.

Adam Murawski had always been interested in construction, but it wasn’t until age 30 that he decided to conquer two construction degrees at Lorain County Community College that helped the first-generation college graduate land a management job months before completing his studies.

“It’s a little different graduating at 33 instead of 23, but it’s still a really good feeling,” Murawski said about completing both his associate degree in construction engineering and construction management.

Earning his credentials for an in-demand trade right here in Northeast Ohio allowed the 33-year-old father to seamlessly apply his skills to a management position.

Murawski was thrilled to pivot his career quickly to his role with K. Hovnanian Homes, the Grafton resident said. He was offered the full-time job months before graduating in December 2020.



As an assistant community construction manager, Murawski oversees the building of more than 25 homes with everything leading up to and including handing off the keys to the homeowner. “It’s very rewarding,” Murawski said. “That’s why I chose residential.”

“For some people it’s their dream home, and for some it’s just a home, but either way, you’re building a part of someone’s life, that’s what you’re doing.”

Before creating a career in construction, Murawski worked in package delivery, but he felt the job had a plateau. “After a long conversation with my wife, I knew I needed to stop what I was doing and start at ground zero,” Murawski said. “We took a big risk with me quitting my job and going back to school, but I was able to go to LCCC and they worked with me from day one.”

The Rocky River native loved homes since he was a child. “When I was younger, I thought I could be an architect. I went to school for a little bit to be an interior designer, then took some time off…And here I am today.”

Murawski was inspired to pursue construction after a chat with a friend. “One of my best friends was going back to school and we ended up talking and inspiring each other.” He chose LCCC for its convenience to home.

What was his experience like at LCCC? “Personally, it was awesome.” Murawski said. “Mostly the construction skill trades courses themselves were very, very helpful.” The LCCC staff and the hands-on training is what prepared him for the job, he said.

“In a nutshell, LCCC gave me the foundation to grow and learn in my field,” Murawski said. “Because of the base skill trades classes, I now can go into a house and see anything, and I’ll know what I’m talking about.”

Murawski said seeing his instructors’ enthusiasm made him passionate about the trade.

“Going into my electrical class I was terrified of electricity, but now that I’m trained thoroughly, it’s probably my favorite trade,” Murawski said. “I’ve remodeled my mom’s kitchen and my own home. I love doing it.”

Above all, Murawski’s main inspiration has always been his son, he said. “Anything I can do to better myself to make sure his life is better is worth doing.”

The construction program at LCCC offers a short-term certificate that can be earned in one semester, a one-year certificate and associate degrees in construction engineering or construction management. Individuals may also complete a bachelor's degree through the University Partnership. Learn more about the LCCC Construction program.