To those
who inspire
others to go on

After going through some really tough times, Elizabeth Kenyon found the support she needed at LCCC to reach her goals

When Elizabeth Kenyon graduates from Lorain County Community College in May with an associate of arts degree she will have achieved the first step on her path to own a business to inspire children to look to the future.

“I want to inspire children and people to make their own path and not focus on the bad things in their lives but to look towards their future and know that they can reach their goals,” Kenyon says.

The 2008 Elyria High grad and Avon resident has experienced working her way through unexpected challenges and crushing heartbreaks, so helping others – especially children – is essential to reaching her goals.

While a freshman at Ohio University she got pregnant. “I had twins my first year in college. I was away at school and I never thought I would reach my goals,” she says.



She had no idea that being a mom at 19 was the push she needed to work harder. “I want to teach my children to never give up; that education is number one and that as a family we will help each other through it all,” Kenyon says.

Kenyon also had no idea how that experience would help her navigate the heartbreak of losing her mother to breast cancer after she returned to LCCC to earn her associate degree.

“My mother fought a long and painfully unfair fight and sadly lost her battle and passed away at age 51 in 2019,” Kenyon says. “I didn’t think I could go on. I was lost and wanted to give up.”

But she had to keep going, for herself and her mother.

“I know that’s what she would have wanted.  I am the first college graduate in my immediate family. She always worked so hard and supported me through the toughest of times that there was no way I was going to quit school,” Kenyon says.

Having the help of dedicated staff at LCCC, especially Career and Academic Advisor Aidan McNulty, made the load a little lighter to carry as well.

“Aidan went above and beyond with advising me and helping me in any way possible,” she notes.

Making students the priority is the feeling Kenyon says she always received from everyone at LCCC.  “They made me feel valued. After going through some really tough times LCCC really helped me focus and get back on track for my education and goals,” she says.