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Danielle Roginski is turning her passion for books, writing and the love of language into a career as an English teacher and author.

Danielle Roginsky is writing her way to the future.

The 20-year-old from Columbia Station has a passion for books, writing and sharing the love of language with others. She’s a driven woman with a plan to become an English teacher and author of young adult fiction.

In May 2021, Roginsky will earn a one-year certificate in English literature from Lorain County Community College. In December 2020, she earned her associate of arts degree from LCCC. And she’s currently dual enrolled in both LCCC and Cleveland State University, working toward a bachelor’s degree in English.



When she graduated from Columbia High School in 2019, Roginsky already had several college courses complete through LCCC’s College Credit Plus program. She chose to continue at LCCC because she knew her courses would transfer to a four-year college, and she had the ability to continue her athletic career as a member of the LCCC softball team.

“At LCCC I was able to achieve an affordable education, excellent education, and also be active within the athletic program as a softball athlete,” she said.

Once she was a full-time student, Roginsky found a quality education and more; she found a support system of professors, coaches, advisors and friends.

“The athletic program, coaching staff, and teammates I made were the biggest support through my academic journey, but I also reached out many times to the LCCC staff and student resources for help,” Roginsky said.

In LCCC’s English department, her professors turned into mentors, especially Dr. Karin Hooks.

“Dr. Hooks holds high expectations for all of her students, and creates a platform for student potential to evolve into action” Roginsky said.  “Her classes have consistently pushed me as a student to meet these expectations and to constantly assess how I can be a better student.”

She also benefitted from being a part of the diverse student body.

“LCCC has such a wonderful range of diversity within race, ethnicity, age, and life experience. I have learned and grown from all of the students and their stories, while seeing that even though we may come from different backgrounds, we all here as a unit with a common goal,” she said.

As she moves forward with her academic career, Roginsky said she will always remember her time at LCCC.

“At LCCC, everyone works together to achieve success, and I have had the opportunity to be a part of that. I constantly was growing as an individual to understand this concept, to always help others when I could, and to learn to receive help as well. Attending LCCC has been an inspirational experience that will remain valuable for the rest of my life,” Roginsky said.