To those
ready to
uplift others

Alexander Poalson is graduating with his teaching degree and the confidence he needs to be a good role model and make a difference.

Alexander Poalson is ready to make a positive impact on Lorain County students. He’s graduating from Ashland University, through Lorain County Community College’s University Partnership, with his bachelor’s degree in education. He’s a K-12 intervention specialist and anxious to put his education and training to use.

“I pursued the education field to exemplify positive role model behavior,” Poalson says. “Many students may not have the opportunity to be witness to good role models and as a teacher I can show students that with a positive mind set you can accomplish anything.”

Poalson, 22, felt called to the classroom since his senior year at Marion L. Steele High School when he spent time volunteering in a multiple disabilities classroom. But when he first came to LCCC, the future educator wasn’t sure he could be the student he needed to be.

“When I first started at LCCC, my confidence was low,” Poalson says. “I was very shy and timid, and I didn’t like to express my thoughts out loud. I found it easier to stay quiet and just go with the flow.”

But after the Lorain resident formally introduced himself to the education field, he started to find his voice, his place, and his confidence.



“I was in an intro to the education profession class and being in those classrooms felt right,” he says. “I saw how rewarding it was to work with individuals with special needs and being in the classroom with them made me a much happier individual.”

Every day he spent at LCCC and in the University Partnership program, Poalson learned more about himself and his future career.

“As a special needs teacher you have to always be willing to help students achieve their goals no matter what may be impeding their journey,” he says. “The ultimate reward as a teacher is witnessing the success of their students.”

Poalson saw that idea come to life every day as his instructors showed their dedication to his success.

“My professors encouraged me to use the knowledge and tools that I had and that they taught me to continue my journey,” he says. “They were always reassuring me that I would be a great candidate for the teaching profession.”

It was often the little things they did that made all the difference – like staying after class to answer questions or responding to late night emails. Poalson says he could feel their support day in and day out. And that gave him the confidence he needed to continue.

“I took fantastic courses and met amazing individuals who showed me that I had the potential to do great things,” he says. “Not every day was easy; it was a long road with many speed bumps but it was all worth it.”

Poalson says the road was even easier knowing once he graduated, he wouldn’t be staring down a mountain of debt.

“LCCC and the University Partnership hands-down offer the most affordable education,” Poalson says. “You don’t need to go to a four-year college or university to be successful. LCCC has the tools and resources that help you stand out from the ordinary, furthering your own personal success.”

Poalson says his LCCC experience helped made him who he is today – an intervention specialist ready to make a difference.

“I feel very confident in myself and I can truly envision myself thriving in the classroom,” he says. “If it was not for the experiences I had at LCCC and the University Partnership, I would not be where I am today.”