To those
ready to care
for others

In the face of many challenges, Cassidi Skipper found the strength to adapt. Now her dream of becoming a nurse is coming true.

Cassidi Skipper chose Lorain County Community College because of its highly recommended nursing program.

“LCCC’s associate in nursing degree program is one of the best,” Cassidi says. “And I have only ever heard how amazing the instructors are.”

She knew the program would be rigorous, but Cassidi faced more challenges than she expected. The day before classes started in fall 2019, her husband was deployed overseas. What was supposed to be a nine-month deployment turned into 15.

The pain of his absence at home led to struggles in the classroom. Cassidi failed a class that fall. It set her back one semester and she was ready to give up.



But someone wouldn’t let her – the instructor who failed her.

“I sat down with Dr. Grady after failing her class and told her I wanted to drop out of the nursing program because I did not believe in myself,” Cassidi recalls. “Dr. Grady told me that she believed I would be successful in the program. She said it was OK to fail and to pick up where I left off and try again.”

Cassidi did pick herself up and keep going. And then COVID-19 hit.

“Nursing school is hard, but learning how to adapt to online nursing school is harder,” Cassidi says. “And being here alone, with my husband overseas and all of the unknowns at the time, it was extremely stressful.”

The entire country was in a state of uncertainty, but Cassidi was sure of one thing – she had people to lean on at LCCC.

“The teachers within the nursing program are almost like a family, they all want you to succeed and be successful. They make you feel as if you are somebody and they help to push you along even when you feel like you can’t make it.”

Cassidi did make it. She’s a 2021 graduate of LCCC’s associate degree in nursing program. Her husband is home  and while she has his support as she enters the University Partnership program to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing, Cassidi knows she can achieve her goals with her own strength and conviction.

“I discovered that I am capable. I am capable of graduating and becoming a nurse – something I am really passionate about.”

Is he confirmed home?