60 Years

Lorain County Community College is celebrating 60 years of dedicated service to our community. Over the span of six decades, we’ve witnessed profound transformations within our region, evolving from the Rust Belt into the dynamic Silicon Heartland. Throughout it all, LCCC remains committed to developing career pathways for our community to grow and our residents to succeed.

A Vision Rooted in Collaboration

Six decades ago, our journey began with the shared vision of local employers seeking access to a qualified workforce and a community looking for higher education opportunities close to home. This convergence of purpose laid the foundation for our remarkable journey that began with a focus on automotive manufacturing, steel mills, and the supply chain. Fast forward to today, and our focus has shifted to technological advancements, including the on-shoring of microchip manufacturing in the United States, that present exciting opportunities.

Adapting for the Future

Our enduring connections with employers and collaborative workforce training programs have played a pivotal role in Lorain County’s economic growth. To ensure our graduates are well-prepared for the evolving demands of local industries, LCCC maintains strong relationships with hundreds of area employers. As industry needs shift, so do LCCC’s academic programs and workforce training initiatives. This commitment results in a skilled talent pool for employers and prosperous careers for our graduates.

A Legacy of Achievement

In 2023, Lorain County Community College proudly awarded 2,585 degrees and certificates, marking our largest graduating class in history. Like every graduating class before them, most of our graduates live and thrive in the region, putting their valuable skills and education to work for our community and the industry partners that helped build their curriculum, bringing LCCC’s purpose full circle.

A Commitment to Prosperity

At the core of our institution lies a steadfast commitment to strengthening the local economy. From fostering employer-connected pathways and streamlining academic programs to providing holistic support services and maintaining a vibrant campus, LCCC empowers students to shape the future of their dreams. This has been our goal for the past 60 years and remains our unwavering focus as we prepare for the next 60 years and beyond.